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Hul le Kes

Arnheim Fashion Group BV
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a p/a FACE (Fashion Center Arnhem)
6828 ZN Arnhem, The NetherlandsP : +31 26 446 336 3
Men’s/Women’s RTW, Women’s RTW, Men’s RTW
Men’s Accessories : Bags, Scarves
Women’s Accessories : Bags, Scarves
Last Updated
June 14 2023
Hul le Kes is a high-end fashion label that was created in response to today's society and fashion system. Our society has an unattainable striving for perfection and standardization, a striving that leads to the exhaustion of people and nature. Hul le Kes shows the beauty of imperfections, which arise when we learn to let go of the desire for perfection in people and products.

Hul le Kes focuses on the reuse and repair of existing materials within a regenerative and circular process. The brand works with products and people that do not seem to meet the standardized perfection, in order to show that there is a working alternative to the current (fashion) system.

Where possible, Hul le Kes only works with existing materials. The majority of these are post-consumer (old bed linen, antique tablecloths, vintage woolen blankets, etc.) and post-production waste streams (deadstock fabrics, cutting waste, sample materials, etc.). These are supplemented with ecological substances when no alternative is available on the existing market. All fabrics used by Hul le Kes have a natural origin. The use of existing materials has been implemented everywhere, including in the clothes hangers, interior and clothing passports.

Manufacturing Studio
Once it has been determined which product will be made from a material, those products are made in the Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio in Arnhem. Upcycling materials is an intensive process in which every step consists of making design choices. Some products, such as the jerseys made from dead-stock, are made in small-scale production workshops with similar ambitions. In the case of the jerseys, this production workshop is located in Portugal. However, approximately 90% of the Hul le Kes products are made in the Netherlands, where Hul le Kes works closely with educational institutions and people with a distance to the labor market.

Recovery Studio
Hul le Kes repairs materials so that more fabric is available for processing into new products. This is done within the Recovery Studio; a repair workshop for textiles but also for people. In addition to repairing fabrics, garments are also repaired in the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio; both Hul le Kes garments and clothing from other brands and individuals. In combination with the Hul le Kes clothing passports, every repair becomes an extra story that is carried into the future. At the same time the Recovery Studio is a place for people with mental problems to get back into our society.
Designer Sjaak Hullekes
Managing Director / Co-owner Sebastiaan Kramer P : +31 (0)26 446 336 3
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Sales Department Sales Contact Sebastiaan Kramer P : +31(0)6 24 13 43 11
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Press Office Spice PR
Prinsengracht 463H
1016 KJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
P : +31 20 489 10 31
Sales campaign SS25
from Saturday June 22 2024
to Tuesday June 25 2024

Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a
6828 Arnhem

Jun 22 to 25, 2024
Private showroom Hul le Kes
8 Rue Edouard Lockroy, 75011

Hul le Kes was founded by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer as an answer to the fast pace and polluting practice of modern-day fashion. Hul le Kes is a fashion label that relies on the power of caretaking, creating, empathy and aesthetics. With this brand Sjaak and Sebastiaan created an alternative and holistic system, one suitable for our changing environment.
Sebastiaan Kramer
P : +31(0)6 24 13 43 11
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Hul le Kes
Wezenstraat 5
6811 CR Arnhem, The Netherlands
P : +31 (0) 26 44 63 363

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