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Kiminori Morishita

Kiminori morishita garments lab inc.
Hanegi IGH forest house #Q 1-21-12 - Hanegi Setagaya-ku
156-0042 Tokyo, JapanP : +81 (0)3 5329 0801
Men’s/Women’s RTW, M’s/W’s Acc.
Last Updated
March 20 2022
Born in 1964, started his fashion carrer in Tokyo.
After working as a head designer for several labels in a Japanese fashion company,he launched his own label “kiminori morishita” and presented his first fashion show in 2003 in Tokyo, and in 2007 in Paris.
"kiminori morishita” collection was sold in over 70 major stores in 20 countries.
In January 2009, he established his own company, “kiminori morishita garments lab inc” and launched a new brand, “08sircus” at the 2010SS paris Men’s collection. From 2012, he started the collection for women. From 2016-17AW collection, he restarted “kiminori morishita”.
Designer Kiminori Morishita
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Kiminori Morishita
08book 1-21-12 Hanegi Setagaya-ku
156-0042 Tokyo, Japan
P : +81 (0)3 5329 0801

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