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Patrick Cupid

Patrick Cupid, LLC
135 West 20th St Suite# 601
NY 10011 New York, United StatesP : +1 212 748 9302
Women’s RTW, Women’s Beachwear
Women’s Accessories : Scarves
Last Updated
January 27 2024
Patrick Cupid is a contemporary designer fashion brand that plays the formality of elegance against the ease of elevated sportswear, enveloping a cosmopolitan instinct. The first collection, "All in Jest,” started a conversation around independent style without social restrictions. The brand tells a story of independence and evolving culture through clothing seamlessly translating from professional to social.
Each collection features a custom print designed by Patrick Cupid himself, emphasizing the seasons' concept's philosophy.
Patrick Cupid's lateral approach to design is rooted in the brand ethos with a desire to shift away from one of fashion's most environmentally damaging aspects: overconsumption! Focused on quality and responsible design practices, the brand produces in New York using locally sourced materials. A process that is made possible through standing partnerships with domestic small business contractors. The designer first creates and packages everything from design concepts to tech packs. The re-purposing of fabrics within ensuing collections cuts development costs' reduces waste, and further advances the seamless integration of cross-seasonal merchandising.
Born and raised in the Bronx, designer Patrick Cupid has worked and traveled in several foreign cities, including; Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Mexico, London, and Bucharest. Relationships within these cultural centers revealed specific; commonalities in contemporary lifestyles, unearthing a "semi-style" of dressing that doesn't belong to one group or demographic. Combining the understated elements of luxury and leisure fashion reveals a genuinely individual aesthetic. As a result, Patrick created a clothing brand that suits any social environment with garments that effortlessly blend into the wearers' unique wardrobe.
The Patrick Cupid brand is a true embodiment of its founders' passions. An exhibition of Patrick's intellectual interests and vision presented in a classic and enduring style derived from artistic and anthropological references. Patrick Cupid is currently sold internationally with stockists in Paris, London, and the United States.
Designer Patrick Cupid
C.e.o Coert Bruel
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Patrick Cupid
77 rue Charlot
75003 Paris, France
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Showrooms The Good Six
135 W 20th St (#601)
NY 10035 New York, United States
United States Sale Contact P : +1 914 625 7884
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Press contact Patrick Cupid 77 rue Charlot
75003 Paris, France
Communications Director Jeremey Thalami P : +1 212 748 9302
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