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Shek Leung

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Shek Studio Ltd
6 Bonnet Street 8 Marco Polo Tower
E16 2AL London, United KingdomP : +44 7463070158
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October 18 2022
Shek Leung is a Hong Kong /London-based eponymous label founded by Shek Yen (Samson) Leung.

The brand has roots in Leung’s family’s close ties with the movie industry. Shek Leung bears the family history in moving images and narrative creation.
Instead of moving images, humanistic emotions and narratives are interlocked by the handmade craftsmanship, embodied on tangible fashion pieces. It is through tactile textures and sensitive details that Shek Leung bring this cinematic vision to life.

Shek Leung, through garment construction and textile development, translates intangible emotions, and narratives into tangibles. It is a brand that pursues altruism, sensuality and honesty through artisanal craftsmanship and subtle handcrafted details.

The artisanal craftsmanship and subtle handcrafted details give rise to a new version of masculinity - quiet masculinity - whereby we embrace our vulnerability with confidence and express quiet sensuality.

When everyone speaks, silence and serenity while scarce are so much more powerful and confident.
Designer Shek Yen Leung
Ceo Shek Yen Leung
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