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Spazio Coltri

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Via Archimede, 6 First Floor
20129 Milan, ItalyP : +39 02 45373173
Last Updated
October 26 2021
Spazio Coltri was born as a response to market’s necessity of merging a fundamental industry experience to a mindset independent from past dogmas. In 2018, Giancarlo Coltri decides to interrupt the successful path of the commercial agency for footwear distribution, that he founded with two partners 35 years earlier, due to the desire to undertake new challenges. It is in this moment that his son Nicolò, after completing the economic studies before and of product development later, decides to get involved and give his contribution in the establishment of the new department showroom.

This new entrepreneurial vision releases itself from the past scenario of a commercial agency based solely on sales, typical of the shoe industry, becoming an active space moved by a continuous technical and stylistic research in support of the brands that collaborate with Spazio Coltri. Today all of this is realized thanks to the countless national and international relations cultivated by Giancarlo Coltri in more than 40 years of experience together with Nicolò’s strong feeling for product and his dynamic thinking.

The showroom designed by the well-known studio Parisotto + Formenton becomes the ideal and timeless space for Spazio Coltri’s mission, due to its perfect combination between architectural strictness and stylistic delicacy.
General Manager Giancarlo Coltri
Showrooms Function Contacts
Showrooms Sales Manager Nicolò Coltri
M's/W's accessories
Sales Areas
Noova (Shoes)
Seboy's (Shoes)
Spingle Move (Shoes)
Men’s Accessories
Sales Areas
Opificio Vico (Shoes)
Women’s Accessories
Sales Areas
Bervicato (Shoes)

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Spazio Coltri
Giacomo Bistrot
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the Lab
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