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Danese Milano

Danese Milano
piazza San Nazaro in Brolo 15
20122 Milan, ItalyP : +39 (0) 2 58 30 41 50
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May 19 2011
Danese was instrumental in defining the DNA of italian design. Since 1957, the year of its founding, Danese's evolution has been dynamic and strongly innovative, a perfect fusion of design culture, creative research and production technique within not only a conceptual framework but also a concretely productive one expressed through simple objects of great quality.[l]

Danese's production embraces a range of archetypal objects whose age and style are hard to define.

"When I make something for Danese I take the view that it has to outlive the current design trend...the idea being that something that is relevant today will be relevant in three hundred years' time" says Enzo Mari, who, with Bruni Munari, designs pieces for Danese that create a sphere in which the article's anthropological function takes precedence over its intended use.

Since 2000, Carlotta de Bevilacqua, president of Danese, has reasserted the firm's strategic positioning, creating innovation in continuity through a careful study of new generations of product concepts and new technologies with a focus on environmental quality. An absolute union that is supported by innovative, worldwide communication and distribution strategies.

Sharing values is the base code of the formal, original designs that top international designers and architects produce for Danese, crreating an experimental worshop where information and ideas help to open new horizons. With a catalogue that points in all directions, the whle Danese collection is composed of versatile objects divided into three main themes - LIVING, WORKING - LIGHTING - a modern answer to the relationship between people and their space.
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