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Daad Dantone

Daad Dantone
via Santo Spirito 24/A
20121 Milan,
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Last Updated
February 27 2014
With a famed pair of golden scissors, Giorgio Dantone has tailor-made the future of his family’s business. Patterned by instinct and sensitivity to style, he has cut out a thriving Italian market and continues to surprise clients with his fashion aptitude and insight into trends, what’s hot, what will be and what should be: that’s what you find in Daad, Dantone’s multi-label boutique at the core of Milan’s historical centre shopping district.

You can find two diverse, but guaranteed trend-setting shops wandering through Milan’s renowned boulevards.
Daad in the gallery of Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the original shop site.[l]
Large, bright, black and white, you are surrounded by style and famous labels in the multi-levelled space where international fashionistas flock to seek out unique items of style.
Visiting the Santo Spirito location you get a real sense of the company’s austere beginnings. Here, Daad is selling an image – a lifestyle shop where you will find distincive furniture, home and clothing accessory items all the time. Although special attention is paid to Made in Italy designs, Dantone travels the world researching emerging designers and stocks quality pieces he finds inspiring those items that, according to Dantone, “demonstrate emotion and carry an impact at a distance.

He’s particularly stirred by the Japanese, “Japanese design is very exciting now,” he says. Daad maintains its allure by offering a true spectrum of items..and as Dantone himself surmises, “by having the courage to offer new things, hoping the people get it.

Clean design, an arrangement of organic elements: metal, glass, wood, light mixed together and accented sparsely. The lower level features a large wooden table, slid open to accomodate a missing leaf. Instead, accessories of leather and metal and clothes items are arranged atop it, as if they may have been spawned by the table itself.

The site was very researched, it’s our style, our tastes refined,
Dantone says.

Daad Dantone opens the curtains on via della spiga, 25. Beginning next February a new DAAD Dantone “stage set” will be unveiled. A 25 square meters display window, specifically conceived for scenographic presentations, dedicated to the most representative brands of the boutique.
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Men's, Women's & Accessories Storevia Santo Spirito 24/A - 20121 Milan - Italy
P : +39 02 76 01 60 45
Men's, Women's & Accessories Storevia della Spiga 25A - window display - 20121 Milan - Italy
P : +39 02 76 01 60 45
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