Giacomo Santucci confirmed President of Camera Buyer Italia
by Modem – Posted July 02 2021
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Giacomo Santucci has been confirmed President of Camera Buyer Italia, the Italian association of buyers representing more than 100 luxury fashion retailers. Giacomo Santucci worked with numerous iconic brands in the fashion and luxury sector, including Gucci, Ferragamo, where he began his career as ceo’s assistant, Prada as ceo and D&G. In 2020 he was appointed chairman of Camera Buyer Italia, succeeding Francesco Tombolini.

Confirmed the existing board of directors, Claudio Betti (Spinnaker Boutiques), Maurizio Coltorti (Coltorti), Giuseppe Angiolini (Sugar), Sabina Zabberoni (Julian Fashion), Andrea Molteni (Tessabit) and Giacomo Vannuccini (Tricot). Tiziano Cereda (Biffi Boutiques) has been confirmed as the treasurer.

Moreover, the board confirmed the appointment of Beppe Angiolini (Marketing and Communication), Claudio Betti (Service Integration and training), Sabina Zabberoni (Research and Development), Maurizio Coltorti (Relations with Associated), Andrea Molteni (Transformation and Digital Development), Giacomo Vannuccini (Retail Strategy and Consumer).

Camera Buyer Italia was established in 2000 by Flaminio Soncini, recently deceased, with the aim to enhance and promote made in Italy internationally.

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Photo: Giacomo Santucci, President of Camera Buyer Italia

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