Pitti Immagine’s e-P Summit to be held in Florence in May
by Modem – Posted April 14 2022
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The e-P Summit, the Pitti Immagine event aiming to create a dialogue between fashion and the digital world, will move from Milan to Florence for the first time after more than a decade held in the Lombard capital. The event subtitled "Shaping the digital future of Fashion", will take place on May 4 and 5 at the Stazione Leopolda and it will be an in-person event focusing on upstream the supply chain.

"This edition of e-P Summit will only be a physical event because we believe that the physicality represents the engine of success," said Rinaldo Rinaldi, new scientific director of e-P summit and professor of the industrial engineering department at the University of Florence. "The goal of the event is to create a moment of confrontation and training to bring to Florence an event that also becomes an academy and encourages companies to discuss themes related to new business models which fashion currently faces."

The topics covered will be the digital development of the creative and production processes at the basis of the new collections, with particular attention to craftsmanship; the new supply chains; the digital transition in support of ecology and the circular economy; the integration between traditional distribution and e-commerce channels; social media strategies; engagement and analysis models of consumer customers; the Internet of Things; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; use and protection of Big Data and the Cloud; the Blockchain; the Metaverse and the creation, exchange, and use of NFTs.

This edition of the summit in May will be a regular event every year to show the previous work of Pitti Immagine during the past 12 months, to create ideas for future events,” said Claudio Marenzi, Pitti Immagine’s president.

"The profound global technological and economic changes that have been going on for some time, and the acceleration that has occurred in the last two years since the pandemic crisis hit have brought out business models in which the digital component is increasingly crucial," added Claudio Marenzi. "That is what prompted us to renew and reinforce the e-P Summit. We will put our experience, also in terms of communication and promotion, and the skills of the scientific management at the service of the business system, confident that the final result will be greater than the sum of the addenda".

e-P Summit
May 4–5, 2022
Stazione Leopolda
Firenze, Italy

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Photo: Stazione Leopolda in Florence, courtesy of Pitti Immagine

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