GCA Winner 2022
by Modem – Posted April 24 2022
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What is lost isn’t necessarily lost forever. At least when it comes to clothes that have lost the battle against time. The wardrobe heroes we’ve worn hundreds of times are always handled with care — in the end, they lose shape, their colors fade, and they begin to pill.
Now, there’s a better option to donate or recycle them.

Biorestore is a laundry solution consisting of a perfect Earth-friendly mix of enzymes and minerals. It reacts with water and cellulose garment fibers and launches a bio-chemical process that removes hairiness from deep yarn structures, improving color brilliance, and allowing fabrics to tighten, making a garment’s surface soft and smooth. It does all this in just one wash.

It’s not magic. It’s science.

VIDEO 55 seconds

Team members: Wajahat Hussain and Richard Toon
Country: Based in Sweden

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