GCA Winner 2022
by Modem – Posted April 24 2022
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Filling an average puffer jacket with goose down requires feathers from up to thirty geese. Synthetic alternatives save animals but emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases instead.

The solution lies in peatlands.

The rich wetlands are the most effective carbon sinks on the planet, but vast amounts of them have been drained and turned into farmland, making them release massive amounts of carbon dioxide instead of storing it.

Saltyco uses regenerative agriculture, meaning it rewets and re-grows native plants that heal the land, allowing carbon dioxide to be locked back into the ground. From these plants, saltyco has discovered how to make the planet positive fiber-filler BioPuff®.

The finished filler is similar in structure to down, with naturally waxy fibers, giving it the same warming, water-repelling, and puffy qualities as its synthetic and animal-based counterparts.

Shielding humans from the cold, saving animal lives, and making peatlands lockdown carbon.

VIDEO 55 seconds

Team members: Finlay Duncan, Julian Ellis-Brown, Antonia Jara, and Neloufar Taheri.
Country: UK

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