GCA Winner 2022
by Modem – Posted April 24 2022
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What if the greenhouse gas emissions that cause the climate breakdown could be taken advantage of and used to reverse climate change? If we could unlock emissions as a resource instead of a heavy burden.

Thanks to Rubi, we can.

Rubi diverts carbon emissions heading for the atmosphere and traps them in a bioreactor where stabilized enzymes transform the invisible gas into long and stringy, yet microscopic building blocks.

Building blocks called polymers that are the very same raw material used today to manufacture viscose, lyocell, and other cellulosic fibers from wood pulp. The polymers formed in Rubi’s process are ideal for spinning into thread without needing to cut down a single tree.

The finished fabric is planet positive, meaning that each garment Rubi makes creates an environmental benefit as it removes carbon dioxide from the air and helps reverse climate change.

VIDEO 55 Seconds

Team members: Neeka Mashouf and Leila Mashouf.
Country: US

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