Young talents at Milan Fashion Week
by Modem – Posted June 20 2022
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Seven young talents presented their collections on the runway at Milan Fashion Week on June 19.
Lorenzo Attanasio, Luca De Prà, Lorenzo Pezzotta, Cecilia Marcedas Ruppert with Ana Laura Espinosa, Marinela Djurdj, Davide Gabriele, Michelle Furlanetto showed their creation during the IED Milan graduate fashion show 2022: this is Body meets body meets body, the event that took place at Magazzini Generali, in which the outfits of fashion designers also come to life thanks to the performances of Kataklò Athletic Dance Theater.
The Seven men's, women's or genderless collections featured at the fashion show are united by a common design methodology and an extensive personal research, yet extremely different in terms of the material and conceptual expression of the individual’s vision, and of the internal dynamics and forms.

“With Body Meets Body Meets Body fashion show-party we would like to celebrate the return to participation, physical contact and encounters," said Olivia Spinelli, Coordinator and Creative Director of IED Moda Milano. "Alongside the models, the Kataklò performers animate the collections of the young designers, to remind us that creativity and design are living elements and that body and movement stay behind every outfit”.

The seven fashion collections
Lorenzo Pezzotta - ATLAS
Relaxation, crystallisation and matter are the key words of this collection, whose development focuses on a selection of fabrics of extraordinary tactility: linen, silk and cotton, all of which have undergone manipulation processes and garment dyeing using natural pigments. The outfits actually take on an experimental and unstructured look, transcending time, and establishing themselves as an archetype of freedom.

Luca De Prà - DIVIDIT
The tailor models the shapes on the body, and thus offers a personal vision of it. Drawing inspiration from and reinterpreting Italo Calvino’s Il visconte dimezzato, the collection highlights the form of the male body and reveals how this form can be altered to obtain an idealised figure that represents “beauty.”

Cecilia Marcedas Ruppert e Ana Laura Espinosa - The House is vile
The love for knitwear and the versatility of virgin wool in a collection that becomes an ode to the ancient craft, through the distorted lens of dark reveries and exaggeration. Despite its delicacy, softness and malleability, knitwear still retains the tangible memory of a cycle of tensions. Starting from an animal fibre transformed into rings and knots via a manual dance, here domestic knitting becomes a practice of movement and stretching, of deformation and disgust.

Michelle Furlanetto - Tangibili ricordi
Memories and teachings passed down on the art of mending, reuse, and the exaltation of defects in a circular design collection, developed from garments, fabrics, and yarns destined for the scrap pile. The concept of restoration takes centre stage: the restoration of cultural heritage, whose graphic design techniques are applied to the garments, and the restoration of textiles, as it represents the foundation of the creative process. On a chromatic level, the outfits feature warm colour tones, which are obtained through a natural dyeing process using beetroot extracts, madder pigments, walnut husk, barley, and coffee. The accessories are obtained according to the same process: they’re selected from existing garments, and transformed into objects with a new value using the pyrography tool.

Davide Gabriele - ZENERATION
What would young people born after 1995 wear? The collection is based on an investigation into Generation Z, which reflects on the fluidity and métissage of contemporary reality, in which consolidated values ​​and certainties are questioned, favouring fringe, metamorphosis and borderline situations, on a physical, social and aesthetic plane. The collection features reused denimwear, disassembled, reassembled and elaborated on the garment; knitwear from natural yarns, whose elasticity is exploited to create shapes that can be adapted to various body types; and voluminous technical outerwear garments, with innovative materials, like ultra lightweight and thermosensitive micro-ripstop nylon.

Marinela Djurdj - Fuori tempo fuori luogo
The place, traditions, and culture of origin become the basis upon which to build a personal contemporaneity. The collection is inspired by traditional Romanian dress, with embroideries, volumes, and traditional manipulations being carried over onto a line of garments designed for the modern career woman. This transposition translates into a message of female redemption: a woman projected towards independence, who manages to free herself from a purely popular and rural situation.

Lorenzo Attanasio  - Collateral Beauty
A construction of dynamic, malleable volumes, aimed at creating two dimensions for the user: one conceptual, and one physical. The first dimension is aimed at highlighting the inner vision that expresses itself in the contours and curves, which form an ever-changing aesthetic dynamic. The second dimension embodies the concept of a casual suit, with a set of relaxed fit constructions. The outfits are enriched with manual elaborations with natural powders, ice, iridescent textures, resins and graphic motifs in watercolour and oil painting (to recall the inner fluidity), which have been subsequently digitized. The project aims to a sustainable development linked to the 3D and the complete elimination of waste, and provides for a particular user experience in the metaverse. 

Photo: a look by Marinela Djurdj. Courtesy Image

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