Shanghai Fashion Week FW 23-24 : "Resonature"
by Modem – Posted March 22 2023
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Shanghai Fashion Week Fall Winter 2023 will be held from March 23rd 2023, with the theme of "Resonature", which combines "resonate" and "nature", implying the fashion industry will see a new natural ecosystem built by creative talents and upgraded by the industry.

XINTIANDI Main Tent, LABELHOOD, SIFS and KIDS WEAR will bring together the four major runway showcase sections

Xintiandi will become a "light and shadow water show", with a facade made of illusionary 3D materials to blend with the main vision of Shanghai Fashion Week this season. After nightfall, an exciting light show will light up the city's night sky, attracting hipsters. Entering the show's proscenium, the natural ecology and technology futuristic display area fully reflects the brand's concept, with a series of "professional equipment upgrades" such as CNC lighting, customised show paths and large multimedia screens to bring guests a unique show-going experience.

Along with the start of the fashion week, Shanghai's major fashion landmarks were transformed into fashionable destinations. At the Rockbund historical building complex, Labelhood will continue to export China's pioneering fashion culture with the theme of "Spring Breeze", while Shushutong, which has received international attention, will remain as the grand finale show.

In 800Show, Kids Wear will create a "realm of imagination". Stella McCartney Kids, GAP Kids and other children's clothing brands shows will be launched

This season, Shanghai Fashion Week will continue to explore a new mode of online and offline launch, giving full play to the convenience of digital technology and allowing more fashion lovers to join in the fun. By searching for "Shanghai Fashion Week" on ShakeYin and entering the special page, you will be able to "click" on the fashion week site and watch the nine hours of live streaming every day. In addition to the physical shows, there will also be a surreal catwalk show by "Natural Order". In addition, the official website of Shanghai Fashion Week has been upgraded with the concept of "Technology + Fashion". By clicking on "Digital Experience Show" on the website, you can step into the immersive show created through virtual reality technology and enjoy a multi-dimensional view of the catwalk.

Since its first launch in 2003, Shanghai Fashion Week has gone through 20 years.
Standing at the start of the next 20 years, Shanghai Fashion Week is also embracing the digital age with many innovations to re-establish links with the global fashion industry.

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