Geoffrey B. Small returns to Paris Men's Fashion Week
by Modem – Posted June 21 2023
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Geoffrey B. Small has presented more than 100 collections in Paris since 1993 (more than any other U.S. designer in history). He has introduced many trends across three decades of presenting fashion collections, from recycle design, to streetwear, to the Napoleonic and Medieval style movements, to the return of tailored clothing, and eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically-produced design.

"At the request and invitation of our clients Armand and Martine Hadida- owners of Leclaireur Paris, I have had the great honor to have been asked to return to Paris for the first time in over 3 years to present a special new GBS extreme handmade research collection at their legendary store at 10 rue Hérold during men’s fashion week. This will be a very exclusive, limited, and private- by invitation and appointment only event in the city for 2 days from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June, as we are also doing our biggest and most expanded Evolution VII presentation and sales campaign in Italy to date at the GBS Superworkrooms Cavarzere Venezia during June and July as well", said Geoffrey B. Small ''As we have not been able to see many colleagues and potential clients in these years since the onset of the pandemic, this should be a wonderful opportunity to do so for those who are planning to come to Paris in June for the men's fashion week."

Paris: Spotlight at Leclaireur
“Tasting Menu at Hérold”

Presentation Evolution VII
10, rue Hérold
75001 Paris

Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June,
By invitation and by appointment only.
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