White Milano to welcome 10 Armenian brands
by Modem – Posted September 14 2023
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White Milano hosts 10 Armenian designers in the framework of the collaboration project with Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia funded by Private Sector Development and Tvet South Caucasus Programme implemented by Giz. From September 22 to 25, in the heart of the Tortona Fashion District, international buyers will have the opportunity to discover an exclusive pavilion of 10 Armenian brands. A crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Armenia inspires and is astounding for the ability to combine ancient Caucasian traditions with the creativity of its designers. This initiative in support of fashion brands aims to offer a global launch to the country’s talents and exalt local production.

Here is the full list of 10 Armenian designers presenting at White Milano:

Loom Weaving
Loom Weaving is a knitwear brand founded in 2014. Each item is a unique handmade piece created by mixing handmade embroidery with modern style and as a result receiving cozy and cute, bold and bright, ultra-fashionable and fabulous product. Since 2022 the brand has started to develop denim items in its collections.

The Muse
True to the house’s philosophy “create to inspire” Mane Khachatryan the founder and designer brought together the DNA of the house and constructivism. “The Muse” was founded in 2015 in Armenia, the brand is now represented in more than 10 countries worldwide. The Muse collection is a testimony to the elegance and refinement of nature.

Vahan Khachatryan
Vahan Khachatryan is a luxury apparel and accessory brand founded in 2013. Since then the brand has been committed to creating apparel that would correspond to the highest standards possible, known for its bold prints and embellishments. The clothes made are exclusive in their quality and design. Huge attention is paid to every detail on each piece and lots of handwork is employed to achieve the perfection and uniqueness in each dress.

"In the Middle of Chaos and Order" - a collection name that arouses intrigue and numerous questions. The designer Anjel Darchinyan says she is entirely happy only when she's right on the edge - between chaos and order: on the one hand, you need to show up to work, keep the deadlines, do what it takes to feel alive, while on the other hand, you need some chaos to go crazy, to disassemble, be destroyed, to meet the chaos inside so that you could Create.

A trailblazing fashion brand renowned for its commitment to sustainability and timeless designs. Z.G.EST takes pride in leading sustainable fashion practices in Armenia through its upcycling initiative. Talented artisans repurpose ready-made garments, predominantly denim, into unique and distinctive pieces that are both stylish and eco-friendly.

UHI Jewelry is an authentic family-run business that celebrates the power and beauty of women. The brand was established by Armen and Narine, a spouse who sees beauty in every possible detail and passes that feeling into every piece. Each item is carefully crafted to reflect and bring out the qualities that make women unique.

A captivating fusion of avant-garde art, our handcrafted footwear collection embodies the essence of strong, independent, and confident women. With a profound sense of luxury and freedom, each pair of shoes in this exquisite line is a testament to the modern woman’s unapologetic style.

Nikolyan Fashion Studio was founded in 2003, being now one of the leading brands. Aram Nikolyan, the designer creates clothing that get along with today's fashion while using the rich culture of Armenia and its traditions.

Zakaryan Jeans
Zakaryan Jeans Llc company’s history starts from 1994, it was a family business, mainly producing socks. In 2005 company started doing orders for big international brand after from 2018 the company established its own brand which produces men's and women's jackets and shirts using the culture of Armenian traditions.

Founded by Arevik Simonyan, Kivera is famous for its signature style that emphasizes on feminine, elegant, luxurious and bold
designs that never gets old. The brand’s DNA symbolizes elegance, noble classics and femininity. Masterful handwork and an impressive portfolio are the characteristics that Kivera is known for. Along with a group of talented designers and skilled tailors, Kivera is currently leading as one of the best deluxe apparel manufacturers in the Armenian market.

White Milano
Sept. 22 to 25, 2023
Tortona District
via Tortona 27-45
20144 Milano

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