White Milano presents Saudi Arabian fashion in a Pop-up at 10 Corso Como
by Modem – Posted September 19 2023
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The White Show presents the collections of 13 Saudi designers selected through Saudi 100 Brands, the program supporting Saudi fashion designers, in a pop up at 10 Corso Como Milan from September 19 to 28.

The opening event will be held on Tuesday September 19 starting from 6.00 pm with the opportunity to view and purchase the creations of Saudi designers, and a cocktail that recalls the traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The collections on display, inspired by Arabic elegance with a touch of innovation, feature day and evening dresses with distinctive cuts and fine fabrics which evoke elegance and femininity, including exclusive details such as Arabic geometric patterns and transparencies.

Creams, oils, perfumes and various other skin care products with fragrances and essences from the Arab world will also become available in the pop-up.

Pop-up @ 10 Corso Como Milan
September 20 - 25
10.30 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.
September 26, 27 and 28
10.30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m.

Here is the full list of the 12 Saudi designers presenting at 10 Corso Como Milan:

Agmarat is a Saudi fashion brand renowned for its collection of elegant caftans and dresses. The brand prides itself on modern designs adorned with simple yet vibrant embroidery, making them the perfect choice for daily elegance. Each piece is carefully crafted using the finest materials, resulting in unique and exquisite designs. Style, elegance, and exceptional quality are at the core of Agmarat's creations, ensuring a truly luxurious experience.

Dananeer is a Saudi fashion brand by Zahra Alsogair. Zahra has always had passion for art and fashion, and Dananeer is the embodiment of her creative personality. Proudly born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Zahra studied Interior Design. Her exposure to other cultures helped shape the artist in Zahra. She finds inspiration in everything she sees around her, and she is always in pursuit of new design ideas.

DERZA is about two Saudi fashion designers who are passionate about their culture and its power. They design a modern feminine fashion for evening wear that highlights your beauty and strength with love.

Ivory fashion
Ivory fashion, a Saudi ready-to-wear brand, is dedicated to empowering women who inspire those around them with their elegance and self-expression through fashion. Recognising that every woman possesses her own unique identity, the brand embraces individuality and offers clothing that allows women to confidently showcase their personality through their wardrobe choices. ivory fashion celebrates the diverse beauty and style of every woman, making them feel truly exceptional in what they wear.

Mona Alshebil
Mona Alshebil, a luxury contemporary brand, draws inspiration from Saudi heritage to create timeless pieces that celebrate the success of women. Influenced by the reflection of life and the need for positive change, the brand's modern, feminine designs embody the joyful colours of summer and the essence of classical elegance. Committed to sustainability, Mona Alshebil strives to craft high-quality fabrics and timeless styles that endure through the years and can be worn in versatile ways, creating a fresh look each time. With a vision to change the narrative, the brand encourages a conscious approach to fashion, advocating for buying less while still embracing style and sophistication.

RBA New York
RBA New York is a hybrid Saudi-American brand, hailing from the fashion capital, New York. Its distinctive, sustainable, and cross-cultural designs made their runway debut at New York Fashion Week. The brand draws inspiration from various cultures, traditions, art, and the designer's travels. Each piece is crafted using locally-sourced fabrics, presenting a vision of diverse cultures that embody a harmonious fusion of traditions within a single design. RBA New York celebrates individuality and embraces diversity, aspiring to be an inspirational brand where the essence of unified beauty from different cultures shines through its sustainable creations.

Linen by A
Linen by A is a Saudi ready-to-wear fashion brand established in 2021 by Amal Abdullah. It's an online based shop that creates classic and casual linen.

MD 29
MD 29 is a womenwear and streetwear brand, unique in its creative and innovative designs. It employes the best materials and fabrics to achieve the characteristic of scarcity in designs and innovation.

Reham Nassier
Reham Nassier is a Saudi fashion brand who specialises in white shirts and dresses. It has put a totally fresh spin on the wardrobe staple and unfussy designs, which make the wearer look effortlessly elegant.

Samar Nasraldin
Where East meets West, the brand draws inspiration from the spiritual journey through cultures and time, effortlessly combining function with flair. Samar Nasraldin delivers a modern, versatile wardrobe for the modern woman with the aim of creating a new informal form of beauty.With clothing designed and produced in-house in Saudi, the collections showcase the finest craftsmanship and materials.

Sajas is a Saudi fragrance brand that bears the creative vision of its founder, Saja Al Yousef. The brand not only specializes in crafting captivating fragrances but also boasts an exquisite collection of womenswear and beautifully designed bags.

Jayla is a beauty brand offering the best product experience in all its collections. The label proposes luxury skincare products for a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Photo: a look by Reham Nassier

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