ITALY / Venice / Museo Correr: Huong Dodinh
by Modem
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until Sunday November 06 2022


Museo Correr, Fondazione Musei Civici
piazza San Marco 52
30124 Venice

Manon Canto

Jasmine Spezie – Silvana Regazzoni

The French-Vietnamese Painter, Huong Dodinh will be the subject of a solo exhibition at Museo Correr in Venice in conjunction with the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale.

Born in Vietnam in 1945 and now based in Paris, for nearly six decades Huong Dodinh has devoted her painting practice to three central tenets: clarity, density, and transparency. Her paintings explore the fluidity of line, form, and negative space to create elegant minimalist compositions. Inspired by classical dance, Dodinh places great importance on the rhythm and grace of her gestures as she paints freehand, allowing her forms to be an extension of her body in motion.

The French-Vietnamese painter will be presented by the Musei Civici di Venezia at Museo Correr, curated by Amin Jaffer and Hervé Mikaeloff, in parallel to the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Dodinh’s first exhibition at Pace is slated for 2023 in the gallery’s flagship Chelsea gallery in New York.

Dodinh’s artistic spark was ignited when she saw snowfall for the first time while at school in the outskirts of Paris after her family fled the First Indochina War in Vietnam. This scene inspired close attention to the intimate relationship between colour and light. Indeed, the artist creates her own unique paints to achieve the precise quality of luminosity and pigment she envisions.
Dodinh’s practice draws significantly on her Southeast Asian identity. She likens her method of working to the act of meditation, approaching each painting with resolute discipline and working in silence as she clears her mind in order to translate her inner sense of self onto the canvas. Additionally, careful attention is placed on the materials used, selecting very fine-grained canvas to achieve a flexible and smooth finish. Over this, Dodinh layers numerous thin coats of her handmade paint, composed of mineral pigments she mixes herself, to create quasi-imperceptible tonal shifts that appear to at once absorb and reflect light. In this way, Dodinh imbues her paintings with a radiance and sense of depth while remaining entirely abstract.

For several years Dodinh chose to focus her attention solely on her work and rarely exhibited. It is only recently that her paintings have been shown, but in that short time her practice has been met with international critical acclaim. Dodinh’s abstract, minimalist work occupies a shared space in the history of art with several other artists that Pace represents, such as Jo Baer, Lee Ufan, Robert Mangold, and Agnes Martin.

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